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I am a retired Chief Engineer from Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.
Focus on qualities you love about yourself and the law of attraction will show you more great things about you.
BMC's annual budget is even more than that of some of the small states of India.
Mars Orbiter Mission(MOM)

On September 24 2014,India became the first country to put spacecraft in the Mars orbit on its first attempt and on a shoestring budget.We congratulate all the scientists of ISRO.
ISRO gets award for Mars Mission

Envoy: A diplomatic official ranking next to Ambassador.
Gift Tax: Tax on gifts to prevent tax evasion by genuine or fictitious gifts.

  • Prime Minister of Australia is Malcolm Turnbull
  • Mexico's population is around 108.7 millions
  • Capital of New Zealand is Wellington
  • Literacy percentage in Belgium is 99.0